Different Kinds of Countertops for your Kitchen 

In order to choose what countertops you should use for your kitchen, you need to know first what its different types are and what they can offer. For you to be familiar with them, take a look at some of the types of countertop surfaces and know what your preferences are after reading this article. 


Natural stone 

Gemstone, marble, soapstone, slate, and granite are some of those surfaces we consider as natural stones. These stones have a natural beauty. However, in order to keep it healthy, it would be a high-maintenance type since it needs maintaining depending on the kind of stone that you purchase. Sometimes, stone countertops are known to be costly and in other cases, this could be legit. However, there are granite types that could be bought for a very affordable price.  

Engineered stones/Quartz 

Engineered stone/quartz has the benefits and properties of real stone. This includes durability, hardness, and beauty, which are important elements for making a product remove the stone’s Achilles’ heel. These properties are also the main requirements for their maintenance and porosity. Quartz countertop constitutes the largest portion in the category of engineered stone but there are also other sorts of stone that are utilized. Some of the patterns and colors do a fairly great job in imitating the look of natural stone. 


One of the most well-known types of the metal counter is stainless steel. However, if that is too scientific for you, just imagine your kitchen countertops in the vivid copper color that improves a distinct coating over time.  


This is a versatile material, which is suitable for cabinets, flooring, countertops, and some other products. The mere fact that bamboo is a green material makes it one of its best qualities. Hence, if you are searching for means to introduce environmental-friendly products into your kitchen area, bamboo countertop would be the best choice.  


This type of counters gives limitless options when it comes to design because they are constructed according to your specifications, either in a design studio or right in your home and then dispatched to your kitchen. Moreover, concrete countertops provide a smooth surface with any color together with a firmness that implies solidity.  


Another material that has been available for years is the tile. Although, you are not restricted to the traditional 4-inch squares anymore. Tiles that are natural stone, such as granite, are accessible and now come in large sizes. This only implies that you can have a granite countertop with only little grout lines that’s more inexpensive than granite.  

Lava Stone 

This material is volcanic lava that is hardened to a consistency that’s similar to stone. Lava stone is processed the same way as natural stone in which it is removed, cut, and molded into slabs. However, they somehow differ since lava stone is varnished with a hard enamel coating, making its surface the same to tile. It is quite an expensive material but it would be worth it knowing that you get a durable and unique surface for your kitchen.   

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